Fullstack Developer

This is me

Hello again, world.

My first contact with programming was creating apps with Qbasic on my father's Pentium 486. Growing up like any other teenager, I dived into sports and computers, so I started writing and designing mIRC scripts with sports theme.

After that, I was asked to add some PHP scripts to my friend's website, which I managed to did by myself, in early 2000's. Then, I remember using Joomla, SMF and Wordpress, which was useful tools that I would just develop/tweak themes and plugins for online communities, becoming not only the developer, but also the admin...

That's all I remember before a drunk driver hit my car. After several hours in the hospital, couple surgeries and a few stiches, I lost a lot of memories, including how to code. That triggered me to become an attorney.

A few years later, I realize that programming was something I really wanted to do. So I decided to join Trybe bootcamp and focus my studies on learning and understanding Javascript and Typescript, getting passionated by coding in every way and day.